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500SEL won't lock, trunk handle wont come out etc..

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So as of yesterday i have notice that my car has a few problems. So its not juut 1 problem but a few so here it goes.

1. I use my key to lock my car so when i do lock it from the driver side as usual only the driver side door lock will go down and not the other 3.

2. My rear back up antennas... yesterday i notice after driving home that my antenna was stuck up on one side even tho its out of reverse. So when i saw it i lightly pushed it back down with no resistance. So my rear backup antenna doesnt work.

3. My trunk... when i open my trunk the handle doesnt come out like it have always done. I did not hear the motor or anything.

So after i notice all these problems i thought back to myself what the hell did i do wrong for these problem to come and sofar i have just been driving normally for the past week like i always have. SO anyone want to take a guess at whats causing all these problems? Hopefully there isnt anymore problems that i did not notice yet.

FUSES are ok.
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for the trunk just press the inside trunk button to reset it , it will work then
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