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$$$500.00 below MSRP for a C32 AMG......

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I'd posted this here previously, except the difference of...<br>
I'm not selling a spot for $ here, but offering $500 to the new buyer from me to take my buyers order's place from a Mercedes Benz dealer, so I can get my non-refundable deposit back from the dealer as per their rules. This a GUARANTY/DESIGNATED BUYER position to buy this DESIGNATED CAR with a Vin# wdbrf65j02f204189 already assigned as of 10/29/01 and it should be on the water by now, ETA:11/31/01 (Delivery date) <br>
This is NOT a spot / waiting list w/ a # in line to buy which some people are selling the spot for a cost (thousand of dollars) on ebay.<br>
Sorry for posting this here if inappropriately, just incase anyone on this board or knows someone who's looking for one.<br>
Price break down and option descriptions:<br>
Color: Brilliant Silver/Charcoal<br>
$49,900.00 Base price<br>
645.00 Destination & Delivery from Mfg to dealer<br>
375.00 Heated headlamp washers<br>
440.00 Power rear-window sunshade<br>
870.00 Xenon high intensity headlamps<br>
200.00 Infrared rain sensor<br>
205.00 Ski sack in rear center armrest pass-through<br>
640.00 Brilliant Silver metallic paint<br>
$53,295.00 SUB-TOTAL<br>
1,000.00 Gas Guzzler<br>
$54,295.00 TOTAL MSRP<br>
651.80 Luxury Tax<br>
50.00 Documentation Fee<br>
10.00 Drive away sticker<br>
$54,986.80 TOTAL<br>
If you are a financial qualified buyer and looking to buy one for sure within the time frame, please call me ASAP @ 626-293-8339 and leave me a call back tele #, I'll return you call right-a-way and fax you all my contract info from the dealer to you, than you'll call the tele no. off of the MB official web site for the dealer to verify my info for authenticity with the salesman or sales manager.<br>
Thanks for your help.<p>
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