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My Benz: 04 S430
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Those are nice rims.

You do know that you can't put any larger than a 8.5'' wide wheel on the front regardless of the size right?otherwise you'll have to spacer the shit out of the front,, and yourcar will look like an escort with dubs.
These wheels look like 9" width. are they? maybe it's just that nice lip.

your bolt pattern is 5.112

bigger rims need smaller wall tires so you should not notice much height difference.It about evens out more less.

More expensive tires does not necessarily constitute a better ride.the softer the tire, the more expensive, and usually the quicker the wear, so you can't really win either way. You'll have to chooose which is more important to you.

Either way, your ride is going to be drastically diminished with 19's so I would go with a good midrange price tire. You'll be need'n some more in about 10 to 15 K miles anyway..

IMO, 19's look better,, but the rough ride, lower tire miles, and not so reasonably priced tires are not worth the look to me. I'm going with 18's because I like to drive my car too much.
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