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5 speed w126 in FL

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I was thinking of this one, but I've committed to buying a euro 500
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I assume it’s a 280 S as all 380s had 8 cylinders
and production stopped in 1985 for both cars
– so the year is wrong as well. Just as well
you did not buy the car – there may be no
problem with the car – but the seller is
mucho grande clueless.
A 1987 380SE, with a 5-speed manual transmission and V6 engine? LOL!
This seller has to be the most clueless person.

Like jdc said, it’s probably a 280S or a 260S.
Im' willing to bet that its a 1986+ 260/300SE. Definately from the outside appearance its not a pre-1986 car. Pretty rare car to be in the US.
Both of the post 85 M103s - 2.6 L and 3.0 L - had fuel injection, early M110s had carbs – either that or the seller does not know the difference between a carburetor and an intake plenum.
Haven't seen or heard of anything like that either...jdc is right on the M110 engine - I don't believe it was offered on the 126 as a carbed unit at all. The 280SEL in my driveway (gray market) is an example of the M110 in a 126 and is has 'plenum" of power.

jdc - you're a pleasant Saturday cruise from Opa Locka; why don't you go see it?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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