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NOTE: This thread pays homage to the original DIY sticky started by OBX884 and updated by Storm, Gregs210, JOE55, and Matt L to help reduce clutter and allow for more comprehensive lists of DIY procedures, tips and tricks. DIY/TIPS threads will be updated as useful threads are added to our forum. Should the moderators miss a new addition, please post a message in the DIY/TIPS - Suggestions for the DIY sticky threads

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Gasoline Engine

Approved Coolant
(Zerex G-05)

Mercedes-Benz Approved Engine Oil
, 229.5
Bosch Universal Oxygen Sensor Installation Instructions


Ok to use ramps to raise e320, recommendations?

Belt Tensioner DIY(M112)

Crankshaft Position Sensor, DIY (with Pictures) IFS

Crankshaft Position Sensor-V6, DIY (with Pictures) earthwonder

Crankshaft Position Sensor sensor, hood raising, DIY gregs210

Crankshaft Position Sensor sensor location 1999 E320

Flywheel Adaptation
after CPS and/or motor mounts replacement (Thanks, Ohlord for the link)

Harmonic balancer recall bulletin

Idler Pulley Replacement

Motor Mount Replacement texas-patrick

Motor Mount Replacement, photos, DIY G-AMG

MAF Sensor Replacing/Cleaning, DIY gregs210

MAF Sensor: Interesting Discussion Thread R170 Forum

Oil Change, DIY (w/ Pictures) gregs210, Olivengco

Oil, upper oil pan replacement southo

Spark Plug Change (with pictures) G-AMG
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Thermostat Replacement
(M112, with pictures) BorisMD

Thermostat R&R M112 G-AMG

Transmission Control Plate R&R gurunutkins

Oil pressure port Kreb

Radiator replacement Yacht Master

DIY Coolant Exchange
Method 1
G-AMG, Method 2 Yacht Master, Method 3 andrewSF

Valve Cover Gasket R&R(M113) Yacht Master

Valve Cover/Breather Cover/EGR, DIY(M112) Bansai

Valve Breather Cover, DIY (M112) Kobus

Water Pump, DIY TNTRower



Aux Fan Belt, DIY
(M104, with pictures) texholdem

Camshaft Adjuster Solenoid Re-Sealing, DIY G-AMG

Liquid Petroleum Gas conversion, DIY ScrapingScrap

Motor Mount Replacement RubenCR

Oil Change, DIY (M119) Gotglasses/Tybenzo

Spark Plug Replacement, DIY (M104) RubenCR [L6 3.2]

Thermostat replacement, DIY (M104, with pictures) texholdem

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Air/Fuel system and emissions

Air/Fuel system and emissions

Bosch Specs/Testing: AFM, AMM, MAS, MAF gregs210

DIY: Purge Valve, cleaning[/URL] (w/pictures) ohlord/Gregs210
Option 1, Option 2

Charcoal Canister/Valve, DIY (with pictures) CambridgeMA

Fuel Evaporator/Mott Valve - Tapping sound farghenbenzer

Fuel Filter Replacement, DIY (with pictures) G-AMG

Fuel Sending Unit, DIY "Homemade" Tool Ryanocerous

Fuel System Cleaning, DIY G-AMG

Maybe Your Sending Unit Can Be Fixedmpr2007

02 Sensor, DIY gregs210

Cleaning Secondary Air Injection Air Filter (P0410) mannaa

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Transmission 722.6 FAQ loubapache

Transmission - Adaptive (Reset) skipinschool Adaptive [URL=]#2 [/URL] G-AMG

Transmission Conductor Plate (Electrics Kit), 722.6 Replacement (with pictures) Loubapache

Transmission Conductor Plate and Regulator Valve Spring R/R G-AMG

Transmission Connector Replacement (with pictures, possible leak to TCM) Franasia

Transmission Connector Replacement 2 (with pictures, leak to TCM) Kruso

722.6 Transmission Dipstick Dimensions sokoloff/Loubapache
Picture 1, Picture 2 More dipstick Dutch01 More dipstick #2
More dipstick #3 More dipstick #4 More dipstick #5

Transmission Fluid Change (with torque converter drain plug) ohlord

Transmission Fluid Change, 722.6 (without torque converter drain plug) G-AMG

Transmission Fluid Flush yumling

Transmission Flushing Technique Tanner Transmissions Quicktime Movie

Transmission Removal, 722.6 nhmercracer

Transmission Shifter Bushing Replacement G-AMG

Transmission Shifter Module Removal (with Pictures) covinsky

Transmission Torque Converter Drain Plug (1997, 1998, and 1999 models only) bamabytes

Shift Module/Transmission Module Removal (W208, same procedure)

Rear engine, transmission mount R&R G-AMG

DIY: 722.6 Pressure Regulator Valve Spring Replacement JRS/CrossT
Thread 1, Thread 2

3,926 Posts

3,926 Posts
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