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Here are the details for the meet and drive through the back country of San Benito and Monterey Counties:

Mercedes Benz SLK & SLR roadster owners are invited to meet rain or shine at 10:00 A.M. Saturday, May 20th at 109 Bernal Rd. (near McDonalds, behind Washington Mutual) off Hwy 85 and Hwy 101 in south San Jose for display of their cars and camaraderie.,-121.773748&spn=0.02549,0.053902&t=h&om=1

We plan to leave on the drive no later than 11:00 A.M.

We will leave and drive northeast on Bernal Rd. and merge right to Hwy 101 South. We will travel down Hwy 101, 25 miles, at the speed limit, which takes 25 minutes, and get off onto Hwy 25. The trip on Hwy 25 to Hollister is 12 miles and takes 15 minutes.

Once in Hollister we can take a short 10 minute break if anyone needs to visit a restroom at McDonalds. If a break is not needed, we would turn left off Hwy 25 before entering Hollister. We would travel east on McCloskey to Fairview Rd. and turn south to Airline Hwy, (Hwy 25). If a short break is desired, we would leave McDonalds and travel north on San Benito St. to McCloskey. Turn right and take McCloskey to Fairview Rd. then turn south to Airline Hwy, (Hwy 25).

Hwy 25 takes us through Tres Pinos, Paicines, San Benito and we would turn west at Bitterwater towards King City. Once in King City, our destination is Margies Diner, formerly "Keefers". Great food, very friendly, fast and efficient. The trip from Hollister is 60 miles and takes 1 hr 15 min. If all goes well we should be sitting down for lunch at 1:30 P.M. After lunch, access to Hwy 101 North for the return trip to the Bay Area is 100 yards from the restaurant.

An optional post-lunch return drive north will be available along different back roads ending up at Hwy 101 near Prunedale. We will travel east of Greenfield, bypass Soledad, travel up Hwy 101, pass Gonzales, then take the Old Stage Road (all paved) toward Prunedale. The post-lunch drive is approximately 55 miles and will take about 90 minutes. This is a great opportunity to see some back country, via roads less traveled.


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