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Hi everyone,
I know this might have been talked to death but it seems to keep coming back up. What I wanted to know is could someone who has done the 5.0 m117 into the 460 make a list of things one needs to get or fabricate for the job. I know Chairil was starting his job and I'm sure he'll update us.
I've looked back through the posts and seem to see a lot of different and sometimes vague info. Perhaps this is because each job is quite different and custom. One definite thing I wanted to know is can the engine bolt straight to the w4a-018(auto tranny in 460). Harald has said yes but others say to get the tranny with the motor.
This all may be a pipe dream for me but I'm trying to get as much clear info as I can. Besides I end up more confused when I translate the german sights[?].

Thanks again everyone and I really appreciate all your info. I'm usually silent but I'm just trying to soak it all in.
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