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4spd manual transmission fluid change on 240d?

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Will be changing the 4spd manual transmission fluid for the first time? What all i should order and anything i should also change related to transmission while changing the fluid; so i can order it.
And just curious I was thinking about using the MOPAR NV4500 SYNTHETIC MANUAL TRANSMISSION FLUID or should i stay away from it. Or use Mobil 1 ATF synthetic or something...?
Any other recommended fluid i should get?
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Anyone (just trying to place the order, today)?
ATF is correct :) Spec sheet 236.2: MB 236.2 - Flüssigkeitsgetriebeöle (ATF, Type A Suffix A, Spezifikation 236.2) - Mercedes-Benz Betriebsstoff-Vorschriften

Magnetic drain plug is a good idea, if the gearbox doesn't have one. It catches a suprising amount of debris!

cool, thanks where do you get the magnetic drain plug for 81 240d?
The manual calls for AFT and a synthetic is a good idea. I have used Amsoil and Redline MTL in my 5 speeds but have settled on Mobil 5 W20 synthetic motor oil. I think something a little heavier than ATF works better in trannys that have seen a few miles.
wow, never thought choosing right transmission oil would be so complicated. I was looking on Amsoil and now you got me thinking about the Mobil 5 W20 synthetic motor oil; since the miles on the car are around only 65k; but it needs fluid change for sure. (And not sure if climate makes difference in choosing the correct one, I don't live in too cold climate ).
If it were me I would use Red Line MTL or Amsoil if the car really has only 65K. If you should find 90W in there, run cheap ATF for a few a few miles then put in the good stuff, it takes less then a couple qts so the cost isn't a big issue. Only 65K, very nice find. Pics?
Yep, my father's 240D...engine looks super duper. Need to clean outside little and fix little rust...will take pics after and post them.
I will most likely follow you suggestion on putting some cheap ATF and driven few miles and switching it over to Red Line or Amsoil.
Amazon has the Redline Line MT for around $15 Red Line 50304 Manual Transmission (MT) 90W Gear Oil - 1 Quart : : Automotive z9 , will this work?
ALso, how many qts should i order, (about 2 qts)?
You DON'T want 90W, to heavy, you want synthetic ATF. "Red Line MTL" Red Line MTL Manual Transmission Oil- Pack of 4 Quarts : : Automotive, or Amsoil synthatic ATF.
Get a couple QTs and you will have a little left over. You'll need one of those cheap plastic pumps that screws to the top of the oil bottle to get it into the fill hole. Yes, post pics when you can, happy motoring:thumbsup:
Great. Thank you. (will do...)
So, i ordered the Red Line MTL 70W80. None of the local retailer's had it so ordered it online and found a pretty good deal for $12.95 per qt at:
Redline MTL 83522-50204
(and what makes it better, it is free shipping over $25 and for 2 qt's the total is $25.90)
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