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I have this leaking part that screws into the 4matic valve itself (which is a little unit underneath, in the back with its own accumulator). I've scoured epc and I can't even find the part...I find the 4matic valve and then in another section, the round electrical ganglia receptacle....but not the transducer unit. It's leaking badly enough that it eventually drains the hydraulic reservoir. The good news is that my TC must have the steel piston, because there is NO evidence of any hydraulic oil in the TC ATF and everything is dry on the outside...fluid level where it should be etc.:p

Since this part screws directly into the 4matic valve and then comes out electrical, I'm guessing it's a pressure transducer. I'm assuming that this takes (or receives), messages from all the wheels sensors indicating 'slip' and messages for the different 4matic modes. Where it's leaking is in the back of the transducer where it changes to electrical. It's a no-fix, sealed unit. Rather than butcher it or do some half-ass repair with JB Weld et all, I'd rather replace it. Even with MB markup, I can't imagine this part costing over $100. I used pressure transducers in the well pump business with computers-they can be sourced out easily enough, but I'm guess it's probably proprietary. And even if it wasn't, I'd need some specs & data to source out

I doubt if the dealer 60 miles away can find this part in the epc either....he can't even find the K1, K2,& B1 accumulator spring kits (see my other 'bumped' posting).

Could be I pay one of you to do the pick 'n pull thing, but I gotta believe this is a high mileage, common failure. :confused:

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