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4door convertible g

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so followed a thread on african g club and found this
C:\Documents and Settings\louis\Application Data\yahoo!\browser\mailfiles\
hope put it in correct it is under gallery
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Jeff - 3/21/2006 12:43 PM
I love it. I sold my cab because it turned out to be just too small for what I needed(St.Bernard and baby) but this would be great.
Wow, after all that searching, you sold the cab? My Cab fits my Rottweiler and girlfriend (a bit bigger than a baby, but often acts like one[:D]) just fine. Although your dog is bigger than's a shame you couldn't keep it. If you wouldn't mind Jeff...PM me the selling price please...I always like to keep my finger on the market.
Can't argue with the decision to buy a 65...actually I can. Owned a CL55 that, when modified, had 65 power. Just wasn't usable on the US streets. I found myself getting frustrated whenever i wanted to open the SOB up! However, after I sold it, like all of the others, I miss my CL.

Your Saint Bernard certainly isn't sitting shotgun in your SL... might as well get a Cayenne Turbo S and call it a day![:D]
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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