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460 replacement sills

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I'd like to weld new sills onto my 460. Anybody know the part numbers for these, or anything about how to cut off the old ones/weld on the new ones?

Stories from folks who've done this surgery or who know how it's done would be much appreciated.[?]
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I've had this job done on my '86'. I could look-up the part numbers and I know that I've still got some photos of this job lying around.

Send me a PM.


I wrote a long detailed reply but, when I clicked on submit, it timed out. When that happens you lose the text you just typed when you hit the back button.

Let it suffice to say that this is a job you don't want to tackle unless you are an experienced body-panel repair person.

E-mail me for more details.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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