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My climate control servo box looks to be leaking anti-freeze. Also my heater supplies heat when it shouldn't and the fan doesn't come on unless the AC is on. AC works fine. Do I need a new climate control servo and, if so, is there an alternative to buying a new one for $400?
I have resolved part of the problem by replacing the climate control servo. Apparently, this device tends to crack every 3 years due to a flaw in the part design. A crack develops from a sharp corner which is a drain notch. To prevent this from happening again, I purchased a rebuilt with die cast part from:

George Murphy
Performance Analysis Co.
1345 Oak Ridge Turnpike, PMB 258
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Climate control/cruise control/all MB parts
865-482-9175 Voice or FAX
Hours: 9 am to 5 pm ET Mon - Fri

Interesting to note that the OEM which made the units kicked it back to MB. This resulted in a recent doubling of the price. I expect that $800 new and $600 rebuilt should be expected. I like the rebuilt with die cast part from George because it comes with a life-time repair terms for $95/incident after the 1 year warrantee.

This is one expensive part! Think it through before slapping in another plastic one.

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