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430clk 2002 Vs. Z3

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You guys are gonna love this. Last night on the way over a friends house about 11pm, a Z3 pulls behind me flashing lights then comes along side of me revving his engine. Well you KNOW I was going to get him. We had about a mile stretch and we took off. Well I let the beast loose and he couldnt muster the juice to even keep close, at about 100, it was all over. At the stop light, he didnt stop, just slowed down then went through it in disgust. I yelled at him, like the tomato soup commercials, "YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD A V8" Love my CLK. That was well worth the car payment
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Ya think? I am probably older than you, but you know what they say, its not the years, its the killjoy[:p]
thata boy ;) .. i've yet to race anyone in mine yet..
i've raced the z4 3.0 on the freeway .... i took it 4 times... and i've left it behind. once i reach 4000rpm... my torque machine kicks it's skanky ass.
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