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This may be more detailed and technical than is possible to deal with in this forum. I’ll list the details and let you decide.<br>
I. The car<br>
A. 126.035 (420 SEL)<br>
B. Manufactured 11/88<br>
II. The Problem<br>
A. Passenger side speakers do not work<br>
B. A former owner allowed some cretin to cut off the Right Amplifier connectors and attach the wires to the amp’s pins individually with slide on connectors.<br>
III. Symptoms<br>
A. The battery will be drained if the car is not used for a week or so.<br>
B. The right dash speaker will “flutter� when a battery charger was hooked to the battery.<br>
C. One repair shop advised that the only solution is to dismantle the interior so new wires can be installed. (It is a nice car but probably not of the quality to justify what they estimated would be two days of shop time.)<br>
D. Currently, I've just removed the right rear amplifier and use only the left side speakers.<br>
IV. What information I know<br>
A. The electrical schematic I have is for cars built starting 9-88 shows the following wiring for the right Amplifier<br>
1. Pins 1 & 3 YL/BK & BK = Rear Speaker Output<br>
2. Pin 5 – BR = Ground<br>
3. Pins 7 & 9 GY/BK & GY = Front Speaker Output<br>
4. Pin 2 BK = On –Off Input<br>
5. Pin 4 YL = Rear Amp Input<br>
6. Pin 6 Red = To fuse (I think)<br>
7. Pin 8 Red = Front Amp Input<br>
8. Pin 10 Yellow = Sig Ground<br>
V. Here are two additional problems: <br>
A. Instead of two yellow wires (pins 4 & 10) the car has 1 Yellow and 1 Blue. The blue wire comes to the right amplifier in a sheaf containing blue, red, yellow and brown wires. <br>
B. When I hook the wires to the Amp pins as color code indicates using the blue at pin 4 the radio fuse blows.<br>
If you cannot address this question, can you direct me to some other source of information that might help me solve the problem?<br>
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