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Last I heard of Dirk R. is that he was renting space in a building near Jim Ince and still working on mogs. Word on the street is that he made an appearance at NWMF either this year or last year. He seems to be very difficult to get ahold of though...

The HP claim brings up a question that Von and Jason might have some info on. What is the max possible HP for the OM352 with out a meltdown? For the non piston squirter/ piston squirter varieties? Properly sized turbo/ intercooler/ injection pump modifications, etc? I've seen that you can turn the no squirt variety 352 to around 130hp, the no piston squirt Brazilian made 352A from the L1117 truck I looked at had an injection pump with 9mm plungers (truck, not tractor IP) and was rated for 150-60 if I remember correctly. I imagine that with the under piston cooling you should be able to hit over 200hp with the right combo of boost and fuel. Any thoughts?
This might be a little off from what you are talking about, but kind of in the same vein. I've read about the 352 vs. 352A differences and (if I'm remembering correctly) that some 352A's have squirters and some don't, along with the various horsepower recommendations.

I'm looking at a 1300 w/ a 352 that has had a MB 'factory' turbo setup installed on it. Apparently the 352 head was replaced with a 352A head, along with all the turbo goodies added. Work was done by Schussler. Is this asking for trouble? Trusted sources say walk away. My gut is a little uneasy about it, but I'm on the fence. I don't want a setup with a short fuse. If I'm remembering correctly the horsepower is supposed to be about 140.

Although I would *probably* leave it alone, I like knowing that I have the option of upgrading the turbo, turning up the pump, and making more horsepower. I like knowing I can take a motor to the next level, even if I never do. Having a reserve is nice. From the little time that I've spent with the diesels, I think I would be happy with 140hp in a 1300. Upgrading the turbo for better efficiency and low-end grunt is attractive. I would upgrade the turbo before I turned up the pump; seems to be pretty safe....

My basic understanding is that the no-squirt 352 can support about 160/170hp. If this no-squirt 352 w/352A head is making 140, is that too close to the 160/170hp mark to be reliable in the long term? I don't ever want to have to put a motor in this truck.

I think that upgrading the turbo vs. turning up the pump is important to this overall discussion. My understanding is that the proper turbo can add horsepower (throughout the RPM's and giving some great low-end grunt), while actually lowering temps (given the same IP settings). Obviously one could upgrade the turbo AND turn up the pump, but maybe just upgrading the turbo results in more horsepower without the heat/meltdown issues, as long as the block being used can support that horsepower. Obviously upgrading the turbo is more expensive than turning up the pump, but perhaps it is a better long term solution as far as reliability goes.

Thanks for the input, hope this discussion ads to the collective!

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I don't know why the 352 and 352a heads would be different? Does anybody have info showing the 2 different setups heads are different? Actually the only thing I could think of would the springs on the valves but this is a serious Q are they different?

I recon the next issue the turbo, what will fit in its place? mine is a tripple K turbo that I have heard is really pathetic. Im not a diesel god but there seems to be a decent amount of room under the hood of a SBU so I can only assume finding and bolting up another turbo would be the ticket. AKA experimenting to find the next best thing... obviously looking and comparing #;s from the manufactures.

This whole different head for a 352 vs. a 352A thing is something that was just presented to me by someone who I'm thinking of buying a truck from. It is the first time I've heard of a difference between the heads. I know there are a couple of different valve covers. I posted it as fact and I shouldn't have. Like you said, different valve springs make sense, but why a different head? I don't know.


EDIT: In talking to the guy about the 1300 I've clarified that he changed the valve cover, not the head. Very sorry for the misinformation, I shouldn't have posted it as fact. Apparently any differences in the heads are what Jay has mentioned.
Heads are the same,but in the early 80's the om352 and 352a have what was called a reinforced head. The exhaust ports are a lot smaller and circular due to the extra material in the casting.

On the turbo note,look at our website We offer the high efficiency high cfm turbocharger the Unimogs crave.
It's a bolt on for the SBU's and a complete custom sys. for the 416/406.

Couch Off-Road | Equipment Builds and Service for Unimog | Denver Colorado

my engine is from that period. Any way of telling if it is of the reinforced version?

Are you still doing my turbo setup?

Cheers Rolf:thumbsup:
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