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Anything different in the engine bay compared to other Mogs that you can see? maybe if you can send some pics of the engine bay. Then those more Mog Guru than us mere mortals can take a gander at them and pick out the differences if any.

Especially pics of any kind of shrowd that may be redirecting air from that hood scoop to????

THANK YOU again for the pics. That was above and beyond to actually remove it for the pics.

Mucho Apreciato!

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I don't yet know what is and is not normal on mogs. This hood has no hinges, just two holes and a special wrench that fits in and twists to release the catches. Taking it off is the only way to gain access to the engine. I suspect it may be missing the hinges because the scoop may hit the windshield when in the up position.

I'll take a few pics of the inside of the engine compartment for you too. It will take a few days though cause tomorrow I have about 100 sleepers to put down before the gypcrete guys show up on Monday.


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Actually these model Mogs just have the two latches you mention. One in the back that uses a square key to tun a tab that comes over a bar on the cowl. When engaged, it creates a pivot point, assuming the one on the front of the hood isn't "locked".

Take it from me, don't forget to lock them both down when on the road or having transported. I found out the hard way.

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