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404 transmission locked up

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Hey guys, I'm in the last stages of getting this long time project on the road and running into some problems. I did a diesel swap and have a remanned transmission with a set of crawler gears. When I engage the clutch, the motor spins freely. When I put the transmission in any configuration (forward-reverse-neutral, in gear or out of gear, or in crawler, the motors stalls. I must note the truck is upon Jack stands, all tires are free
spinning, 4wd and diff locks disengaged. The transmission has had new
output seals installed using the proper tools.

Any insight you guys mighthave would be greatly appreciated!!
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If it was recently rebuilt, it's possible that the top cover was not aligned properly when installed. If those shift forks don't line up right it's murder to figure out if you've never done it before. We ended up hauling a 406 to to Von cause I couldn't figure it out. Pull the side cover and watch the forks move the collars as a friend shifts for you. If you figure out which one it is, you might not even need to pull the top cover all the way to get it in the right spot. Good luck.
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