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404 transmission locked up

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Hey guys, I'm in the last stages of getting this long time project on the road and running into some problems. I did a diesel swap and have a remanned transmission with a set of crawler gears. When I engage the clutch, the motor spins freely. When I put the transmission in any configuration (forward-reverse-neutral, in gear or out of gear, or in crawler, the motors stalls. I must note the truck is upon Jack stands, all tires are free
spinning, 4wd and diff locks disengaged. The transmission has had new
output seals installed using the proper tools.

Any insight you guys mighthave would be greatly appreciated!!
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Try it in 6th gear, forward, and let us know if that was successful.

What's the history of the tranny?

That has to be a very frustrating situation...Good luck,

So far I have figured out one of the issues. I replaced the lower left side transmission cover bolt with one that was too long, and it was locking up the counter shaft. Now the motor will run in neutral and in 6th. I'm trying to make sure none of the shift forks popped out of place during the output seal replacement, but I'm working alone so a lot ofback and forth.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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