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404 temp gauge conversion 12v or 24v?

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So I started to install my temp guage conversion kit today and noticed what looks like a resistor or diode in the kit. Is the gauge in the kit a 12v gauge? I tried to search the site for a posible answer but could find nothing.I got the kit from EI so I assume a few folks here have installed them on their trucks.
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....This is way off topic but I just picked up a 63 rambler that has the same rear end setup as an old unimog, What is this setup? three link?......perhaps I'll stuff some 36" tires under the rambler and go head to head with the mog!
The rambler had Torque Tube suspension?

About the only thing wiht Torque tube even back then was super high dollar sport cars (if even that) and some special duty trucks like Unimogs.

At some point Dirt track racers started using Torque tube suspension too. Not sure when they evolved to that.

oh.... and yes.. a torque tube suspension does seem to me to have many of the benefits and engineering of 3 link suspension
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