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404 temp gauge conversion 12v or 24v?

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So I started to install my temp guage conversion kit today and noticed what looks like a resistor or diode in the kit. Is the gauge in the kit a 12v gauge? I tried to search the site for a posible answer but could find nothing.I got the kit from EI so I assume a few folks here have installed them on their trucks.
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The tech line is open! Actually working all weekend at the shop much to the families dislike. Anyways, on the temp gauges. There should have been instructions with the units, and if not it's my bad.

For referrence, VDO has discontinued the 24V specific Cockpit series of gauges. What they have superceeded it to is the 12V gauge with the resistor. As we cycle through some of our inventory we had both versions shipping for a couple of months depending upon which gauge. ALL of the gauges will be supplied with 24V bulbs (We install these ourselves), but the resistor will need to be used on the input voltage into the 12V gauges. The "24V" gauges from VDO are know a 12V gauge with the resistor.


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