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404 temp gauge conversion 12v or 24v?

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So I started to install my temp guage conversion kit today and noticed what looks like a resistor or diode in the kit. Is the gauge in the kit a 12v gauge? I tried to search the site for a posible answer but could find nothing.I got the kit from EI so I assume a few folks here have installed them on their trucks.
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Thanks for the info. I'm thinking that perhaps it's to drop the voltage to use a more common 12v light in the gauge. Is this line of thinking out in left field or what?
No instructions with mine. I would have called scott first thing but as you said its the weekend.This is just one of those little things that pop up, and after changing the transmission in this beast, everything else is just a minor inconvenience.
Transmission swap went well, lots of fun! Thats what I keep telling myself.its a long story but I'll condense it for you. Got the truck for a song, It had a bad throwout bearing, real bad, like 600 pieces bad. I got it home pulled the cab and engine, changed the TB, bought the temp gauge kit and a few other small things. Got the truck together and had no 5th gear . I have noticed alot of 5th gear failures, but thats another topic for discussion. So I found a reman transmission and the rest is for my therapist to figure out. I did learn alot though. I found out these trucks are more like working on heavy equipment than a car or pickup truck. I know these trucks are part tractor, but you dont realize it untill you start wrenching on one.This is way off topic but I just picked up a 63 rambler that has the same rear end setup as an old unimog, What is this setup? three link?......perhaps I'll stuff some 36" tires under the rambler and go head to head with the mog!
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Yep, a torque tube, with the links atached to it. Not a 4 link with the extra link from the rearend to the transmission crossmember.The folks at amc must have spent some time in germany, perhaps one was run over by a mog and got the idea to use this odd setup.
Thanks for the info, the gauge is in and working fine.
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