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404 temp gauge conversion 12v or 24v?

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So I started to install my temp guage conversion kit today and noticed what looks like a resistor or diode in the kit. Is the gauge in the kit a 12v gauge? I tried to search the site for a posible answer but could find nothing.I got the kit from EI so I assume a few folks here have installed them on their trucks.
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I just recently installed one of these kits on one of my Mogs. My Mogs are both 24V, and the kit I got is certainly for a 24V setup. In the kit there was the gauge, a new sender to screw into the block, and some wire and connectors. No resistors/diodes. Give Scott a ring, I'm sure you can get it sorted out quickly. I'm assuming the VDO gauge that I got is 24V, it works perfectly in my 24V system. If you got a 12V gauge for some reason, you would obviously need a resistor to drop the voltage. Perhaps some of the kits come with 24V gauges, other with 12V gauges? Is there a voltage indicated on the back of the gauge you got? How about a part might be able to use the part number to see which gauge you have. Or maybe, you just got a free part!
Possible...but for what its worth, the bulb that came with mine was a 24V bulb. My guess is that for 24V stuff the idea is to keep it 24V, otherwise things get confusing. I also thought I would add, along with the temp gauge conversion kit I ordered the transmission temp gauge kit. Same exact gauges in both, same bulbs, just different senders. No resistors in either kit. Did your kit come with instructions? Mine didn't. Just wondering if there might be a hint in there, but I imagine if you got instructions you've checked them out thoroughly. Don't you hate it when this stuff happens on a weekend?
No kidding, I know what you mean! How did the transmission replacement go? Mind if I ask what kind of transmission failure you had? Just curious... Also, how did you go about the transmission replacement? Cab off, motor out? Or did you remove the cab and box on the back?
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