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401/404 transmission rebuild

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Has anyone replaced bearings in their 404 tranny?

While reinstalling the front axle to my partially rebuilt tranny, (new output seals and bearing, cleaned and painted) and needing more room to get the bolts reinstalled to connect the front driveshaft housing assembly to the front output, I removed the bottom cover plate on the tranny to find, upon close inspection, a pile of tapered roller bearings between two gears, and metal pieces imbedded in years of gunk on the bottom cover plate. Hmmm, wonder what happened to the cage. Should have pulled that cover before putting all the work into her. I had inspected the gears with the PTO housing removed.

Sooo, I can lock it all up in the storage container and wait for my stimulus package to purchase a recon, or dig into the tranny, hoping to only have to replace a few bearings. Anyone done this before? If so, any advise.