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400se Engine temp question

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Hi , pardon if this has been brought up before.
My 92 400se seems to, at times, run on the hot side. My temp guage goes almost all the way to the white line before the red and then cools down to the line between the top and the 80 line. It goes up and down depending on traffic ,ambient temp etc... Is this normal? any advice will be greatly appreciated!! Kevin
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My goes up to 80-85, and stays there.. Almost 90% of the year.. Only very HOT summerdays can convince it to go up to 90 C
does it take forever to get to 80*C?
Depending on the outside temp, of course.. It reaches 80 in a few minutes.. Never timed it really.. I would guess 2-3 minutes on hotter days, and maybee 10 minutes in the winter..
Meaning 5 minutes in general .
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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