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I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has given advice on this forum, I purchased my 400E two years ago with no knowledge of Mercedes except that we were comfy and expensive but after test driving it i knew i had to have it so i bought it and the problems began. I got the stumbling and wild idles. I scheduled a check at the local Indy and was told it was my fan that the clutch was out and they could not determine where the poor idle was coming from because it was running hot, so i had them fix the fan, cost close to 900 bucks, and still have idle problems.
I decided to come here and ask for help and help I got in a big way, I pulled the ETB off and shipped it to BBS reman, they fixed it and shipped back for 250 the Indy wanted close to 1200 plus labor, I got the harness from Pick-N-Pull for 13.99 with a manu date of 2009, again idy wanted close to 1200 for the part and another r600 for labor. It took me close to 6 months and a lot of looking but if you are not in a hurry and don't have a lot of cash, the wrecking yards are great. in total not counting the cooling issue i spent less than 300 bucks and she is purring like a kitten.

So a HUGE THANKS is in order.

1993 400E, 200,400 and don't use a drop of oil or coolant.
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