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400E for sale in West Palm Beach

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Is anyone in the area willing to help with the pre-purchase inspection. There is a 400e 1993 for sale on Ebay for 8995 with 58k . I am trying to see if somebody on the forum can check it out for me. Also does it look familiar to any of you?
The most important thinks are wiring harness, A/C, and rust.

Mercedes Benz 400 Series Base Sedan 4 Door | eBay
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Looks really nice, but I am amazed that they expect someone to pay that much when they can't be bothered to take decent pictures.

Looks like an old cam phone being held by a kid cracked out on Mountain Dew. I'd say 2/3 are blurry. Looks like they cranked the pix out in 2 minutes running around the car.

Might very well be worth the money if all of "the usual" have been done and you love the car and are willing to pay for it. If you pay that and still have to do both wiring harnesses and ETA then it WASN'T worth it.

And I noticed that the keys have those paper tags used by used car lots.

Perhaps an opportunist.
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