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400 SEL Questions

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Hey all.

Test drove a 1993 400 SEL today with 100k miles. Books all up to date, appears in very good cosmetic shape inside and out except for a small amount of rust on the hood just beneath the grille.

A/C wasn't pumping cold air just warm, dealer has promised to repair and warranty the A/C for one year. I've gone through the forums and realize the costs involved with with such repairs.

Question, what other areas should I be concerned with?

I have an excellent independant MB mechanic here in Canada who will be checking this car over.

Price, $20,000 Cnd, roughly $13,000 US though I would point out that in viewing autotrader in the US I find our prices the same as in the US before exchange adjustments.
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Tell him to fix the ac.....

Show you the receipt for the repair, then continue discussion. It's easy for someone to say they will fix an ac problem, until they realize how costly the evaporator repair is. If he is willing to spend $2500.00 to fix it, it's like him selling it for a little over 10k. Unless he is familiar with the W140, he may think that he is going to add a pound of freon.

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He's is familiar with the evaporator problem but clearly feels its just a fill up or compressor issue. I've made it clear that I'm aware of the issues and costs. He is willing to warranty the system for a year but I suspect he is trying to shift the problem onto the warranty he is offering.

Man, this evaporator causes a lot of problems. LOL
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