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95 E300D
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Car is 1995 E300 Diesel which I have owned for 5 years:

1. No cold air - has been like this for over 12 months, have recharged twice with no benefit

2. Tacho is erratic and lately has stopped working altogether unless i accelerate hard when it springs to life briefly

3. Engine runs badly after starting from cold but is fine when warmed up and restarts perfectly. (have recently had all the glow plugs checked and all are AOK)

4. Cruise control is erratic , sometimes works sometimes doesnt but not related to the tacho working or not if you see what I mean.

Work done:
glow plugs
OVP relay - fully tested and AOK

I am sure there is a connection here, can anyone point me in a new direction , I had thought the OVP would be the issue but seems not.

would really appreciate any pointers
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