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03 E320 4M Wagon & 97 E320
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NOTE: This thread pays homage to the original DIY sticky started by OBX884 and updated by Storm, Gregs210, JOE55, and Matt L to help reduce clutter and allow for more comprehensive lists of DIY procedures, tips and tricks. DIY/TIPS threads will be updated as useful threads are added to our forum. Should the moderators miss a new addition, please post a message in the DIY/TIPS - Suggestions for the DIY sticky threads

Your BenzWorld W210 Moderators and members offer their thanks to all who have contributed!

Please also visit the General DIY post for more information.


Brake Fluid Flush RichardM98

Using a Pressure Brake Bleeder (with pictures) G-AMG

Make Your Own Power Bleeder (with pictures) TNTRower)

Brake Rotor/Pads Replacement (with pictures) gregs210

Rear brake shoe replacement xman084

Brake Switch Replacement (ABS/ETS Warning Light) AE1K
Brake Switch Replacement - pics DannyD
Brake Switch Replacement 2
Brake Switch Replacement 3
Brake Switch Replacement 4

Parking brake adjustment

Hood Strut Replacements (with pictures) BuffaloBenz

Swaybar Bracket Repair Slingshot

03 E320 4M Wagon & 97 E320
3,926 Posts
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Alignment Tip (bigger wheels/drops/etc.) ohlord

DIY: Wheel Repair (Scuff/Curb damage) (with Pictures) Thank Gregs210 for the link

W211 wheels on W210 - important info to consider Gregs210, -raymond, loubapache

Lug Bolts - 210 bolts with 211 ball seat (Mercedes Dealer,,, etc.)
Otis Inc LA/RAD hybrid lug bolts and Prestige Wheel Accessories

Tire Size Calculator

Tire Dimensions Calculator

Wheel fitment

Wheel Offset Calculator

03 E320 4M Wagon & 97 E320
3,926 Posts
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Suspension and Steering

Chassis Number? (Necessary for ordering some parts)
It's the last 6 digits of your VIN

Ball Joints - Front Lower iluvjesus

Camber and caster adjusters, front bbirdwell

Camber adjusters, rear bbirdwell

Coil Spring Removal (video of Klann Tool KL-0025) reyna7

Lower ball joint G-AMG

Outer Tie Rods Remove and Replace DIY (w/ Pictures) mikeh285
Added 3/09/2014

Power Steering Fluid Change (w/ Pictures) G-AMG

Power Steering Shaft Seal citruspilot

Rear Axle Carrier Mount (Rear Subframe Mount) Replacement Thanks to Matt Cervi, the original author of the PDF file, and member Olivier Afor finding the link.

Shock Replacement, RWD (with pictures) raymond-

Shock Replacement - front (with pictures) G-AMG

Spring Pad Part Numbers: Frank, raymond-
210 321 0184 5mm
210 321 0284 9mm
210 321 0384 13mm
210 321 0484 17mm
210 321 0585 21mm
210 325 01 84 5 mm
210 325 02 84 9 mm
210 325 03 84 13 mm
210 325 04 84 17 mm
You can check the pad number by feeling the bumps on the pad itself:

Spring Perch/Top Mount FAQ's Black Stallion & Guest

Spring Perch Recall Notice (Canada Only) Guest

Spring Perch Repair (PDF, with Pictures) jrnelson

Squeaky Steering Issue (PDF, with Pictures) reyna7

SwayBar Bushing and Link R/R - front (with picture) G-AMG

SwayBar Link R/R - rear (with picture) MAE320
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