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3M Stone Protection

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I've arranged for Matt Zakarian from Detailing Dynamics to come to my place next week to prep the front of my E55 for chip protection...I've already got 8-10 small stone chips in only 800 miles.<p>Matt is the best installer in the area and uses a combination of 3M bulk film...a 1pc application on the bumper (fewer seams-better installation) and Armorfend for the hood. He's also doing the lights and the spots behind all 4 wheels. Install time per car (with his helper) is approx 4 hours. He spend a lot of time prepping the surface properly so the installation adheres well with minimal surface blemishes under the film which would show under flourescent lighting.<p>He'd like to do a 2nd car to justify his trip to my place in Northern NJ. I'll open it up to the Audi and BMW forums if no other E55 owners are interested. This will be scheduled for the first week in April.
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I have talked to Matt on the phone few months ago about my CLK, but he never gave me a price. How mu

I live in upstate NY, I have a ML55 with a 5-10 chips. Tell Matt to contact me with a price and details. I would be interested in either driving down or for him to drive up. Thanks<p>Jason
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