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3M Clear Bra Group Buy

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I just want to see if anyone is interested in buying 3m film protection for the hood/bumper/fog/headlights. If the interest is here, I'll write a how to and get a Gb going to get a discounted price. I already talked to the distributor and he agreed to this GB. He has an ebay store, link below, titled Advantage Clearbra Paint Protection. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

slk 3m bra items on
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I've never seen this on a a car, is there a photo of what it looks like?
I'll post a photo by this weekend. They are nearly invisible and cameras have a hard time picking them up. Its an 8mil strip of super strong plastic that protects your car from road debris, chips, scratches, and other minor cosmetic stuff.
Thanks. I'm just wondering how clear it is.
I had "INVINCA SHIELD" applied on June 21, 2002 at time of purchase by the dealership. I had the full meal deal applied. Very pleased with the product in all aspects.

The larger picture shows the most noticable line between the shield and the paint surface. The shield is applied to all forward facing panels including the head lights and fog lamp. The lamps cover came with a 5 year warant that should the glass break it would be repalced and new shield applied at no cost. I used in on one head lamp--caught a small boulder from a truck.


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is it easy to apply? I'm thinking about getting this, but I have so many tiny stone chips already :(
I've done quite a bit of searching on the 3M product. From what I've read IMO the product is really good but the overall quality is only as good as the installer - not the easiest for the unexperienced. This made me decide against installing myself right now.

I'd be interested in hearing any comments from anyone who's done a clear bra w/ a pre-cut product.
This product is designed for a new/fresh surface. Applying to anythng else is a waste of money.

I watched mine being applied--the young man that did it had several years of experience and still had problems it getting correct.

Am I satisfied with performance versus cost? Yes I am.
I have over 10 years of filled stone chips on the front of mine, will it end up looking like the surface of a golf ball?

Hello everyone I am new to this forum.

I have had 12 cars covered with a clear bra. My first 3 cars were covered Not the best install done through the MB Dealership.

I decided to do my own research by asking other folks in my area that had some of the best looking clear bras that I had ever seen. The same clear bra dealers name kept coming up over and over again so I called them to install a clear bra on my next car. These guys did an amazing job and from that car on they are the only clear bra dealer that will ever install paint protection film to any of my cars. So far they have done my last 9 vehicles with fantastic results not one regret. When you find a skilled and qualified installer stay with them.

In order to have a Warranty by any paint protection film company the film must be installed by a certified dealer/installer. Something many like to hide from you.

This one is not mine but was a big factor in my confidence in their work. or the direct link to the car.
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Any recent updates (pros & cons) on using these clear bra's?

I just had my hood, front fenders, & bumper repainted (looks like new) to fix 7 years of chips & dings!
So, I'm thinking about having the clear bra professionally installed for protection on road trips, etc.
I just did some research about a month ago trying to decide whether to install it on my new to me SLK. Haven't done it yet, but might be interested. Both the online research I did and the installer recommend VentureShield over the 3M product and he installs both.

Keep us posted - I may be interested.

My install as previously reported under "APPLEPI" is now 7 years old. Oher than the one spot that where the front facia hit a concret block due to inattentive parking--not one issue. Looks as good today as it did in June 2002.

My recommendation--go to a "top drawer" installer--be that a dealership, custom rod shop or what ever---installation is everything. This is not the place to scrimp on a few dollars/pounds/marks or whatever.

Again--this should be only applied to a new or like new finish. Applied correctly your are going to love it.

Let us know which way you go and how it turns out.
I have over 10 years of filled stone chips on the front of mine, will it end up looking like the surface of a golf ball?
Mine would resemble a wiffle ball. :D
The question is, does he have the precut shapes for all the SLK type front bumpers for the R170? From pre-facelift, to facelift, to sport, to AMG. I personally have the AMG front bumper and would love to go in on it and get one, but getting AMG items is next to impossible.
Not so much a bra as a car condom.

Is it really worth plastic wrapping a car?
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