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380Sl Left tail light and Parking Light will not got off

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I have an 1984 380SL and today I noticed that with the light switch off and the ignition switch off the left tail light and the left front parking light will not go off. With the ignition on and the light switch off both lights will go off.

I have cleaned the number #16 fuse terminals and the tail light bulb terminals to no affect. The number 6 hole on the tail light assembly power plug shows 12+ volts with both switches off. The lights will go off when #16 fuse is pulled.

Has anyone encountered this problem or a similar problem and figured out what component failure was the cause?
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Thank you I suspect you are right about the switch position. I have had the car for a long time but I have not driven it much lately and forgot about the switch position for off is straight up.
I did this on our first night trip. Daughter and wife went, "left side lights are on".

I went back in and flicked the switch. Then they went, "now its the right side".

I thought, "oh dear have to go home withour diner before the battery runs dry".

And then I looked at the switch.

I bet it has caused a many a flat battery, when the intention seem to have been to prevent them.
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