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380sl idler pulley replacement

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The bearing on the AC idler pulley of my 81 380sl is going. So I'd like to replace it. But I have some questions I was hoping someone here could answer.

First, I managed to knock the spacer out of the bearing pretty easily. But the bearing obviously has to be knocked out of the pulley from the smaller 12mm hole behind it, and the bearing doesn't want to budge. So, before I end up destroying the pulley, I was wondering it anybody knew a good way to get the pulley out?

Second, the bearing has INA 203KRR AH14 on it, and judging by the holes in the pulley, it seems to be smaller in the rear than in the front. But the bearings I see on Ebay and elsewhere don't look like that, and some vendors list the Beck Arnly bearing as 051-3954, but others list it as 051-3860. So, I was wondering if any of you guys know which one I should get, and whether the MTC bearing most of them sell is comparable to the OE?

Finally, the EPC lists the pulley screw as PN 1159900219, which is now a stretch screw. So I was wondering if it can be reused, and how much torque
to use ot it or a new one, since I can't find that anywhere.

Thanks very much for the info, since I can't find anything on this procedure
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