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1983 380SL - I think the Climate Control unit is shot, but will pull her and check all connections before digging around for a rebuilt one ($225 or so?). Meanwhile, let me outline the symptoms here and see if anyone else sees where it might be something else, knowing there are many components to the system.

No matter which button is pushed, the result is the same - air blowing through passenger compartment vents (in-dash) and defroster vents at the same time.

A/C seems to work, but when turn the wheel to hot, I get no heat. Put in a new thermostat this summer. Temp gauge is a bit iffy, but wouldn't think that would affect heat. After start up, as she warms up over the first few miles, the gauge climbs to 120 then settles back to what I think is the actual temp - about 80 +/-.

Buttons are sticking...Middle button stuck all the way in. Pulled it out, but this may be a core issue?

Blower used to slow immensely after an hour or so of use, but I rebuilt the brushes and it seems to be fine now...Been a while since I've had her blowing for an hour or more, tho.

Any input is appreciated, as always. Seems I am always asking...Hope to contribute more as well.
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