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380SL Blue Smoke

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Is there any plausible reason why my '82 380SL emits some blue smoke in "D" at idle on the roadway and emits the little more blue smoke on take-off - and then disappears - (which seems indicative of worn seals or guides) - but refuses to do the same thing idling in "P" or "N" in my driveway. No smoke at all at idele or when giving it some gas.

Could there be some weird vacuum issue happening? The cam oilers are firmly in place, the valve cover gaskets are fresh, and the crankcase ventilation hoses are OK and are properly attached. It is definitely motor oil and not transmission fluid.
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Thanks, Rowdie. Should have mentioned, I guess, that before whatever precious automotive fluid it is that is transmogrified into blue smoke out the tail pipe, the transmission fluid has remained at the second mark on the transmission oil dipstick for the last year and a half, ever since I changed the filter and fluid, whereas the oil dipstick level reveals that the car is using about a quart every thousand or so.

This bothers me less than the people driving behind me but, then again, I have little chance of getting rear-ended. However, it also inhibits top down driving in a following wind except on freeways where there are no stoplights.

Further thoughts and suggestions will be much appreciated.

Perhaps I am simply hoping against hope that I do not have to attempt what I understand is the tricky head removal and replacement on the aluminum engine. I understand that head bolts can be a challenge, if not to remove, then to replace without the threads being impaired.

If that is not the case, then there is nothing else special about removing the heads, I suppose.
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Smokes in D on level driveway; does not smoke in P or N.
Interesting thought but, if that was the case, then the more load on the engine - the faster I drive - the more smoke ought to come out and it is the opposite. It only smokes at idle, emits a small puff when first accelerating, and then stops. But compression and leak down tests are certainly something I will be doing.
Thought I would complete this post by relating how it all turned out. I took the car to a great fellow in Phoenix, Schulte Automotive on 7th Avenue and Campbell. A very good Mercedes mechanic, I might add. It was, in fact, the valve seals on the passenger (right) side that were the issue. Again, thanks for all the help and suggestions.
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