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First off, I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for.

I'm on a 380SEL that's leaving a lot of oil on the clients floor which he doesn't like. He thought it was the power steering leaking. Well the PS is loosing fluid but not like the crankcase is loosing oil.

On the headgaskets on the 380s. Is there a place where they tend to leak? I'm seeing oil coming down the back of the block (driver side) which appears to be coming from the headgasket. Where do these gaskets leak oil?

What I'm asking is this: Could there be something above the headgasket that is leaking that I can not see and the oil is running down to the headgasket making it look like the headgasket is leaking.

If it is the headgasket(s) leaking the repairs will go past the value of the car. The flat rate on changing both headgaskets is 29 hours.

I'm trying to make sure that it's the headgasket that's leaking before I tell my client.

Thank you,

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