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1985 380se,rebuilt but not running money;Nice yard/lawn ornament
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Bought an 85 380se off a guy for 500 bucks. Car has new struts,shocks,radiator,water pump,distributor,fuel pump,and a TON of other stuff on it...was a steal. reason why he wanted rid of it,is same issue I have right now.
Central locks work every now and again,sometimes I get spark in the ignition and the car tries to run,but shortly after,everything goes off,including the fuel pump at times. Am wondering if I have a bad ignition switch,or if there is a sneaky wire somewhere they knocked loose when they did the mods afew years ago.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
85 380se,127,319 miles on body, 1-2 miles of pushing by hand on rebuilt engine and trans.:surrender:
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