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I bought my 320CE a few months ago and noticed there was some mildew inside the dial diplay, I figured this was normal since the car has been in HK for the last 15 years, which can be very hot and humid. I had meant to get it sorted out, but you know how it is with kids and other things to do, hadn't got round to it. It seems to be spreading now so I really need to get it sorted asap. Is it an easy job to get inside the plastic screen to clean insde the dials, I was wondering is there an easy way to do this or does the whol;e dash need to come off? I don't mind taking it to the garage to get it opened, but I wouldn't trust somebody else to clean it delicately. I'm also hoping that the mould comes off without marking the plastic facia, has anybody had this problem and managed to remove it successfully?


Mr T
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