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I moved from Scotand to Spain a few weeks ago. I seized an opportunity and bought a cracking automatic 320CE pillarless coupe which is an absolute dream to drive. At the age of 58 and with a beer gut I have become a poser !!

The seller told me that the air con was faulty, but getting parts out here is extremely difficult (I'm in a part of Spain where hardly any businesses speak English so I'm trying to learn Spanish).

The previous owner of the car took it to a nearby Mercedes supposed dealer, and I've seen his bill for over 800 euros which didn't fix the problem (he took the "dealer" to court and lost). There are no proper Mercedes Dealers for nearly 200 miles, so I asked a local air con engineer from Yorkshire to check out my air con problem. The pipes under the bonnet are well cold, and my air con man says everything under the bonnet is working fine - he's checked the gas levels, pressure etc and there are no faults. So my engineer checked out the controls and he reckons that the heater control box (behind the knobs on the central console of the dashboard) is faulty. He tells me that this is a printed circuit electronic box which controls the "blenders" for hot and cold air, and he can't fix it. The box I need is black, about 8 inches wide, and sits right behind the heater/air con controls, which are plugged into the box.

Can anyone help please? If I can get the part number, I can order one from the UK, or better still maybe someone has a working part which they could sell me...
Any help gratefully received. The sun is splitting the skies here in southern Spain and I have to use my wife's wee Ford Focus as my beloved Benz is unbearable to drive in the heat.

Thanks. Jim
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