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Hope everyone is having a better day than the gl today .
Have a p1408 p1400 and p0101 codes show up today.
I cleaned the egr at 10000 miles. now have 150k on it.
I did not clean the tube . Looks like that could be the problem
The reason to have codes read ( autozone ) is the turbo is not engaging . Now it spins freely . there is just no boost .

Any advice

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Check Engine Light illuminated on dash?
Did you erase the codes, drive vehicle and retest?
The challenge is to figure out which code is the trigger.
The 1400 and 0101 seem to relate to MAF problems.
The 1408 looks like EGR system. These codes only give a clue as to where to look.
A STAR diagnostic can better pinpoint what is going on.

As in most/all situations like this the basics need to be covered first. Battery voltage correct, engine air filter not plugged, no loose or burst hoses for the EGR or the charge air (post turbo).

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