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300te rough suspension...?

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1989 accumulators in the rear (last summer) shocks up front. The car rides ROUGH...very still rear. If I hit a bump/ hole/ undulation, the back feels like I have concrete shocks... I think, once upon a time, this car was a luxury to drive, now it feels like a tank. Any hints?
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my recent life has revolved/evolved around sls. the biggest revelation came when i realized my linkage from the torsion bar to the sls valve had come loose. It had gradually creeped upward, making the car think it was carrying a heavy load. When i found the lever, i just lowered it (pointing straight down). be careful; i almost crushed myself, having slid under the car a little too far. There was a slight detent at the straight down position that caught it, and held it in place. I drove around for quite a while like this, and it was a beautiful ride. I put quite a bit of weight in the back, and the car didn't squat much. Now i've hooked it back up, but plan on buying a new linkage arm ($39 at partsgeek) so that i can adjust it out a little. mines rusted and the sockets at both ends are blasted out. anyway, try disconnecting it if it's not already, and see what the ride feels like. even though mine wan'st "fixed" at that point, it made me very happy to be able to drive it without my head hitting the ceiling when going over a bump.
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