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300TD T 3rd Row Seat

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Selling a 3rd row seat from a 1981 300TD T.

Color is Sienna. Good condition.

Anyone interested?

Would include all hardware.

Due to weight would likely be pickup only.
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How much and where are you located? Do you have pics?

Is it hard to do a conversion to a 3rd row seat?
I'm thinking $200.

Location is South Jersey (~ 15 mi. E of Phila.).

Installation is not difficult.

Moved this seat from my '81 300TDT to an '80 280TE (which was not equipped with 3rd row seat) in an afternoon.

All necessary bolting locations are in place for 300TD's not equipped with 3rd row seating.
What about seatbelts?
Seatbelts would be included with all necessary hardware to install.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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