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300SDL - Replaced Head Markings?

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I am aware of the issues concerning the original aluminum heads on the 300SDLs. I have heard that the replacement heads were better and much less likely to crack. When looking at a 300SDL for purchase, are there any distinguishing marks on the replacement heads that indicate the "improved" head? Additionally, are there any visible signs to look for that would indicate there is trouble with the original head?

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The head has stamping numbers on it, the 7&8th numbers are the critical ones, any thing over the 14 is good. Find the numbers at the front drivers side of the engine, Starting by the 2nd injector, get a flash light. It well look like this.

R603 016 14 01

I have heard that where that number 14 is could go as high as a 22 that would be good.
Both of mine are 14's I just won't let them over heat
Were any of the original heads 14 or higher, or would they have had to replace the head to get one over 14? I guess what I am asking is, did they figure out the problem with the heads over-heating and start to put the 14 and higher ones on new cars, or did you have to switch out the head to get a "good" one?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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