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300SD, 1983
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Howdy folks, I'm back again,
I'm having the classic shifting issues, did the EGR Delete, bought a mityvac and found the source of my issues... that being that the vacuum modulator doesn't hold vacuum, looses it almost instanty. :(
Well, whatever the case, I bought one for my 1983 SD from Autohaus.
What I got doesn't look at all like the one from the picture, or the one that's in my car. This fancy new one is part # 126 270 26 79. Bright green, no cap, it has a plastic clear gizmo.
I searched around the forum and couldn't find anything talking about this weird modulator. Will it fit and work normally? I figured it was an updated design, but I wanted to be sure it'd fit before I lift my babe up. :p
Any and all help would be much appreciated!
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