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i have a 1983 300sd and i have been having problems with the vacuum system and the many things it operates. i spoke about it a little in this post:

basically talking about the climate control and door locks.

i thought my power brakes were working fine, but i have noticed that i have a lot of brake dust on the drivers side of the car and pretty much none on the passenger side. i thought it was just at the rear passenger wheel at first, but the front passenger wheel really shows no sign of brake dust either. i don't really feel the car pulling to the left when i stop. the sensors have not gone off for my pads and i have not noticed any brake noises - they seem to be working well. the passenger side rear caliper was replaced about 10k miles ago, so everything should be working fine in that regard. but i just don't understand why the substantial difference in brake dust from one side to the other? it seems like the brakes aren't working on that side, but it doesn't seem that way while driving. if that makes any sense... is this a vacuum related problem? i did not know my brakes where influenced by the vacuum system as well.

any ideas? thanks!
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