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1992 300 CE Sportline
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I've been tinkering on my 300CE Sportline since I bought it last year and I'm getting to the end with it before I pass it on.
Quick history of the car, I'm the 2nd owner, it has about 320,000 miles on it. It was well maintained for a long time but as time went on you can see the OG owner starting to take short cuts and/or was not making well informed decisions from the places they were taking it to. Its had a few recent parts, Before i bought it the radiator was replaced in '14 (date code on rad), the pump thing above the alternator was rebulit at one point in time (has a sticker) various modules have been replaced in the engine bay including the OVP which has a date stamp on the back of 07/09 it also seems to have had some CIS/injection system work too but i cant veryfy other than shiny parts in a dirty area. I replaced the water pump, coolant res, belt tensioner and resealed the power steering pump. Ive got a breather hose and air temp sensor coming in the mail (both were destroyed).
The harness seems to be mostly ok. some of the ends are missing the plastics around the connector and only a few brittle cables.

I bought it non running but quickly found out that some one put two 5 amp fuses in the OVP, instead of two 10's. swapped them out and it started up and then i quickly noticed that the water pump was not spinning freely so I didnt run it long, just enough to move it under cover to tinker with it.


Main one seems to be fuel related but some one might see a correlation as i go on.

Its a little hard starting and it bogs down when i try to give it gas, more so in gear. it takes it a while to get to a temp where it doesn't want to bog but it does do it eventually no matter what operating temp. I do not get ABS or SRS lights on the dash. Fuses are good on the OVP and correct this time, i pulled it to check for bad solder joints, the air temp sensor was trashed hence the new one on the way, it could be the gas it self but i doubt it. its going to get a few gallons soon any way
What else should I be checking out for this?
i have also heard about a screen in line on one of the fuel lines on the distributor how often do those get clogged?
I do hear a wooo wooo noise in the trunk area maybe bad pump/s?
I vaguely remember a post a read a while ago about bad solder joints on some other unit, maybe a MAS unit?

when the car eventually smooths out it runs well, no misses and no smoke until I rev it and then it blows a lot of blue smoke, not that i am going to fix it but just out of curiosity what would be causing oil to get in the combustion chamber on revs (oil pressure up) but not at idle?
Past experience with other cars have been that when the rings have worn the bore smooth it smokes all the time, would on revs be valve stem seals maybe? were talking 2-3k/rpm

I'm pretty sure i know the answer to this but i'm going to ask any way, reverse is very slippy, over certain revs its almost as if it dis engages, its like this till it gets warm then it starts to shudder in reverse only. Flex disc's look ok, not new but not cracked, i imagine reverse is toast but i thought i would ask.
I do notice i dont get a postive feeling click when i put it in reverse like i get with the rest of the gears could it be a shiftier alignment issue?

Minor issue the seat belt light under the sun roof controls flashes some times with the car off and the doors closed not a huge thing but it does stop eventually and isnt draining the battery.

Last and final thing the dreaded oil question. The records i have that end at 180k/mi show mostly 20-50 valvolene conventional being used, this seems to be a bit much. I havent found any oil leaks surprisingly (theres an output shaft trans leak though), if there are any they must be minor, but i've never had a car with 300+k/mi before. I get a slight short lifter tick for a second or two when i start it from cold but it doesn't come back and the pressure gauge is pegged to the top for a while before it starts coming down, maybe this could be why it blows so much smoke above idle? it seems like pressure is in the upper 3rd of the gauge most of the time, what would you guys do in this situation?
I was thinking rotella 15/40 maybe?

I'm sure i'll have more
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