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300E gearbox removal

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Hi there i finally got my drive shaft out as i didn't know how to take the flexy joint out, just so you know use a flat head and ply the backside of the shaft (dif end) as there's a pipe that goes into the flexy joint bout 2 1/2 mils.

any way now im stuck i dotn know if i should drop my engine to get to the top gearbox bolts as there no way in hell i can get there or is there a trick that any one knows? to get the gear box out?
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thanks all i got the box out finally, were can i find the model number for the gearbox? lol for a 88 merc 300e i need to get a replacement, i found a serial/number of some sort on the trans oil pan but were else?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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