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1978 300d
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hey everyone,

it's starting to get colder here in SEPA and i've noticed that my '78 is a little hesitant. first, the background:

i cleaned the tank last week and replaced the primary filter. it ran great for 150 miles since then, but the new filter's already looking pretty dirty, so i'm going to keep a spare one until it clogs again and hope it gets better when changed.

now the cold: we're not talking terribly cold (40-50 degrees). but it usually takes 2 or 3 tries to get her started, and when she does, she vibrates noticeably more for the first 30 seconds or so. i know i can try the idle speed knob, but i fear i might have broken it turning it when i first bought the car. is there a way of determining if it is?

anyway, she runs fine after that, although the heat doesn't seem to want to kick on unless i hit defrost first and then switch to normal heat. are these problems normal? i want to have it taken care of before it gets really cold here and real problems start popping up..i'm sad to admit that i considered it when a guy offered a trade for his '01 dakota :eek:

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