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can any one tell me where the Piston ring gap locations are when installing on the pistons?

thank you
There's no pre-defined location to line up against when installing the piston into the cylinder. Just make sure that the gaps don't line up with each other before you slide the piston into the bore.

My personal preference is a "0-120-240" arrangement before I clamp down the ring compressor; looking top down from the piston crown, place the gap for each ring top to bottom at the corresponding degree locations (0 degrees, 120 degrees, etc). That way they have to travel quite a bit to line up with each other.

Edit: Just thought of this: be sure to check the end gap on your rings before you install. Make sure there's not an excessive gap (or too tight for that matter). Always better to be safe than sorry.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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