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For the last couple of years I've owned a 1985 300d with climate control, after having a 1982 with manual heat and AC control, which is now a parts car. A couple days ago I set off on a hot day, and the AC did not come on. The blower fan works, which seems to rule out a bad fuse. But in any event the fuse is good.
The only other clue I have is that when I turned the climate control temp selector to "max heat," the heat doesn't come on. This suggests to me that the problem is in either the processor or the servo mechanism. By the way, the vacuum system locks the doors and turns off the engine just fine.
Any ideas of where to look next would be gratefully received.
I have thought about transplanting the old-fashioned "manual" control out of my parts car, which actually worked better than the "set it and forget it" climate control. Any ideas on how feasible that would be?
Belfast, Maine
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